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Dordogne Valley

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The Dordogne valley has been named by the national geographic as one of the top places in the world to visit this year, because of its picturesque and historic attractions cultures. For its defining beauty and wonder in south-west France. The combination of the rural landscape, consistently beautiful architecture, its warm ochre stone, makes it a wonderful place to visit. It is part of the biosphere reserve chosen because no major industry or vast city pollute the region. Trees cove 45% of the department and most is unmanaged and wild. The perfect romantic getaway.


Chateau D’Arnac dates mainly from the 15th century. It has several architectural additions made over the subsequent centuries. In one of the towers on the second floor, there is a small chapel. Here you will find an early fresco depicting Christ between two Moorish disciples, dating from 1510. There is also evidence of Templar symbolism in the design of the wall decoration. You can enjoy a Chateau holiday with a luxry romantic getaway in the Gatehouse or your perfect honeymoon in france.

Richard the Lionheart spent much of his life in this part of the Dordogne valley. He died at Chateau de Chalus-Chabrol in 1199. Much of England’s history between 1154 and 1453 was bound up with events in South West France and the Dordogne. This included Henry II’s ownership and subsequent loss of the Aquitaine and his marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine. It is more than likely that Richard would have known and visited Château D’Arnac.

From the 17th century to the Revolution, Chateau D’Arnac was owned by the same French noble family, les Comtes des Ferrieres. The current head of the Ferrieres family, who lives in Paris, has visited Chateau D’Arnac in recent years.

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After 1800 the château was owned by a succession of local families until it was acquired by Madame Maria Germaine Chataur during the 1930s. She married a Scotsman, Diarmid Campbell-Johnston who lived near Cannes. They carried out significant repairs and improvements to the château during their ownership. This included the reconstruction of the Gatehouse and the creation of a large terrace above the entrance courtyard. They had the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to stay on several occasions prior to World War II. During World War II, the château was used by the French Resistance as a safe house for escapees, particularly airmen, en route to cross the Pyrenees.

In 1945 the château was acquired by the Descamps family, wealthy industrialists from northern France. They sold the château in the 1980s and after a succession of different owners, it was acquired by the current owners in 2003 and developed into a france honeymoon destinations.

Of special note is that Marshall Ney stayed at Château D’Arnac following the French defeat at Waterloo and was captured by French royalist forces nearby. His bedroom on the first floor is a feature of the house and, like other bedrooms on this floor, it has stunning 18th century panelling.

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Chateau D'Arnac honeymoon in france
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The romantic holiday destination of Chateau D’Arnac provides access to a part of France with very diverse scenery. This ranges from the mysterious moors of the Plateau de Millevaches to the gentle pace of life in the Brive region. From the sometimes wild untamed wilderness of the Dordogne to the green valleys of the Vézère and Auvézère rivers and the forests of the Tulle. All these areas and sites can be explored by car, bike, on foot or even on horseback! If you are looking for a luxury rural retreat either for a romantic luxury break or a honeymoon France then Chateau D’Arnac is ideal.

It is the perfect romantic getaway from which to explore everything that the region has to offer. Within 10 km are many châteaux, fortresses, churches and villages that typify the rich past of this part of the Dordogne valley. A particular feature of this is the proximity of no less than 6 well-known Les Plus Beaux Villages de France within easy reach of the chateau. These not only include Curemonte (where Les Noyers is located) but also Turenne, Collognes-la-Rouge, Autoire, Loubressac and Carennac.

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For a honeymoon france or a romantic luxury break, the location is superb.There are historic sites, museums and exhibitions which offer year-round visits and events. This includes unusual introductions to the Corrèze’s heritage and historic expertise by traditional and contemporary Limousin troubadours.

The département also abounds in natural sites, from ancient trees and beautiful gardens to impressive caves. In fact, there are a bewildering number of activities that make a stay in this part of France an enchanting and romantic experience. For history-lovers and walkers, the Santiago de Compostela pilgrim route crosses the Limousin.

The Corrèze has two trails that link up with it, both of which are lined by some of the region’s artistic and architectural heritage. Other routes retrace the footsteps of famous medieval noble dynasties like the Ventadours and Turennes, and even the legendary King Richard the Lionheart.

The countryside around the château apart from offering a perfect honeymoon in france also offers a wide range of sporting activities. This includes canoeing or fishing on the major rivers such as the Dordogne or on fast flowing rivers in the mountainous hinterland. Here there are lakes and reservoirs for coarse or game fishermen.

These mountains provide ample opportunity for rock climbers of varying levels of expertise and hill-walkers. Traditional crafts have survived in this region of France and they play an important role in the Corrèze and the emphasis here is on excellence. Accordions, traditionally-made local liqueurs and aperitifs, barrels, copperware, lace, cabinet-making, wood- and slate working are some of the products and skills that shape the region’s historic, artistic and economic heritage.

In recognition of their expertise, Denoix distillery, Maugein Accordion factory and Art et Tradition du Chaume roof thatchers have been awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label for their commitment to keeping heritage alive. No holiday visit to this romantic destination of France would be complete without the opportunity to sample and understand its remarkable gastronomy. Hearty and refined, and based on traditions handed down from generation to generation.

The cuisine of the region conveys the full flavour of the land. Red and rosé vin de pays, vin paillé (literally “straw wine”), millassous de pommes de terre (a potato pie), stuffed ceps, farcidures (a type of potato and meat dumpling), tourtous (buckwheat pancakes) morel and chanterelle mushrooms, and truffles provide the perfect accompaniment to the delicious meats (Limousin beef red Label, milk-fed veal, Limousin lamb…) and freshwater fish, including trout, pike and pikeperch.

Tasty fruit tarts such as flaugnard and clafoutis, and liqueurs made from walnuts, blueberries and raspberries provide the perfect climax to what can only be described as a perpetual gastronomic feast. The gastronomy of the region is the very symbol of well-being as demonstrated by the numerous festivals centred around renowned local produce. Produce such as strawberries, apples, walnuts, blueberries and chestnuts (not forgetting the duck and goose winter fairs held in Brive-la-Gaillarde or the truffle market in Chartrier-Ferrière).

Throughout the summer and on specific dates at other times of year the local farmers’ markets showcase the wealth and diversity of the Corrèze’s farm products and arts and crafts, providing a wonderful opportunity for producers to meet their customers and vice-versa. The atmosphere at these markets, many of which take place during local festivals and at festive times of year, is always friendly and relaxed. There is always ample opportunities to eat your purchases while soaking up the local ambience.


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